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New | Tunisia
2020, Paperback
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Title Architectural Guide Tunis
264 pages, 400 colour illustrations
Country Tunisia
Author(s) Faouzia Ben Khoud
Publisher(s) DOM Publishers
Languages English, Français.
Description The courtyards, winding passages, and mosques of the Medina; an Art Nouveau theatre, churches, a brutalist hotel, and contemporary glass facades: ­Tunisia’s capital has a rich and incredibly diverse built heritage. In addition, the archaeological remains at nearby Carthage give an impression of the power of an ancient city that once rivalled the ­Roman Empire.

This architectural guide presents over 100 sites in both Tunis and its surroundings. The ­Tunisian archi­tect Faouzia Ben Khoud selects buildings from a long stretch of history: from the ­Phoenicians, who first founded a city there, to the Arab Spring, which began in Tunisia in 2010. Also covering ­recent ­renovation projects in detail, the author puts ­special emphasis on efforts to preserve the city’s ­exceptional cultural heritage.
Formats, Prices & Orders
English version

Paperback [2020, 135 x 245 mm, available]
DOM Publishers, Germany, ISBN 9783869226767
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