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Books by MWNF Partners

2008, Paperback
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Title Sinan’s Mosque
116 pages, 70 colour illustrations
Author(s) Augusto Romano Burelli, Paola Gennaro; Vorwort/Hrsg.: Wolfgang Voigt
Publisher(s) Wasmuth
Languages Deutsch, English.
Description This book is the first study which analyses the method of projection which Sinan (1492[?]–1588) probably used for the realization of his mosques.
He was a master, who, almost alone in the history of Architecture, managed to construct huge but at the same time very thin cupolas. He was also able to take Roman and Byzantine techniques and adept them into something quite new: a centralized organism of absolute space, without hindrance by either pillars or columns.
The four mosques illustrated in this book, which are considered as prototypes of which at least a hundred variations are known, have been taken from Istanbul and Edirne. They have been redrawn in order to understand the basic structure – the fundamental dimensions. The reconstructed designs – besides being artworks for themselves – show the perfect proportions of the mosque, and try to demonstrate how Sinan produced the sense of lightness and the defiance of gravity in his large cupolas.
Formats, Prices & Orders
English version

Paperback [2008, 25 x 33 cm, available]
€ 39,80 from Wasmuth, Germany, ISBN 9783803006936


Bilingual edition (German / English)