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Books by MWNF Partners

2006, Paperback
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Title Islamic Designs
128 pages, 280 colour illustrations
Author(s) Eva Wilson
Publisher(s) The British Museum Press
Languages English.
Description This visual anthology of 280 designs is drawn from the rich inheritance of Islamic art. Eva Wilson’s carefully researched drawings, largely taken from book illustrations, pottery and metalwork, reveal how intricate patterns were built up on simple geometric principles and traditional motifs. A concise and perceptive introduction describes how calligraphic, geometric and plant ornament patterns developed in accordance with the strict demands of the Koran. Useful information is provided in the notes on the materials and techniques of each design illustrated.
Formats, Prices & Orders
English version

Paperback [2006, 276 x 219mm, available]
£9.99 from The British Museum Press, United Kingdom, ISBN 9780714180663


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