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2005, Paperback
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Title Islamic Art
240 pages, 205 colour illustrations
Author(s) Barbara Brend
Publisher(s) The British Museum Press
Languages English.
Description This highly illustrated history of Islamic art surveys the magnificent achievement of Muslim artists and craftsmen over 1200 years, from the 7th to the 19th centuries AD. Architecture, manuscripts, ceramics and glass, metalwork, textiles and carpets, with their distinctive subtlety of outline and sumptuous decoration, formed the basis of a cultural heritage of extraordinary richness. And yet under different local conditions – in Arabia or Turkey, Central Asia or Spain, North Africa, India or Iran – and in the hands of Arabs, Seljuks, Mamluks, Mongols, Timurid and Ottoman Turks, Safavids or Mughals, this shared heritage produced a great diversity of styles, which Barbara Brend examines region by region. She also considers the specific character of Islamic art and its influence in the West, as well as looking at modern developments. The book contains a useful glossary of Arabic, Turkish and Persian terms.
Formats, Prices & Orders
English version

Paperback [2005, 246 x 189 mm, available]
£16.99 from The British Museum Press, United Kingdom, ISBN 9780714114439


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