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MWNF Travel Books

New | Portugal
2017, Paperback
2017, eBook
2002, Paperback
Title The Manueline
Subtitle Portuguese art during the Great Discoveries
368 pages, 339 colour illustrations, 15 plans
Country Portugal
Author(s) P. Dias, D. Rodrigues, F. Grilo, N. Vassallo e Silva
Publisher(s) MWNF (Vienna), international co-edition
Languages English, Español, Français, Português.
Description The Manueline: Portuguese Art during the Great Discoveries reveals the splendours of an era that skilfully brought Portugal into the Modern Age. Alongside the formidable adventures of the Great Maritime Discoveries, King Manuel I (1469–1521) included the related fields of both Church and State in artistic activities that were without precedent. What resulted was a style which was not only historically unique, but which was perfectly emblematic of its country of origin and of the monarch after which it was named.

Fourteen itineraries invite you to discover 182 museums, monuments and sites in 60 locations.

The title is available in English, in two editions, paperback and eBook; 339 colour illustrations, 368 pages.
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English version

Paperback [2002, 15 x 21.5 cm, out of stock]

Paperback [2017, 15 x 21.5 cm, ISBN 9783902782984, available]

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eBook [2017, ISBN 99783902782960, available]
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